July 14 2024


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New Character Details For Star Trek: Discovery

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More information has emerged at the San Diego Comic-Con revealing character and story details from Star Trek: Discovery.

    • Michael Burnham is revealed to be Sarek’s adopted daughter. When her parents were killed when she was young, Sarek and Amanda adopted her and became her surrogate parents. “I was raised on Vulcan by him and my mother, Amanda,” said Sonequa Martin-Green.
    • According to James Frain (Sarek), fans will get to know Sarek in his younger days and see him learn to understand human emotions through Burnham. “We know where [Sarek] ends up,” said Frain. “[Star Trek: Discovery] is an exploration of who he was when he was younger…He’s a mentor to Michael and has taken her under his wing.”The whole Vulcan ideal is something they evolved over centuries…The reality is they have emotions, and they have to deal with those
    • Jason Isaacs told fans that his Captain Lorca is “probably more fucked up than any of (the other captains),” and has “lot of sharp edges.””He’s not like any of the other people because I’m playing him,” added Isaacs. “I’m not trying to look or sound like any previous Captain.”
    • Anthony Rapp (Lt. Stamets) will have Wilson Cruz (My So-Called Life‘s Rickie) as his love interest on Star Trek: Discovery. “I play the first openly gay character in the history of TV Star Trek,” he said. “I’m very proud of that and he’s a scientist.” Cruz will play Dr. Hugh Culber, a medical officer on Discovery.
    • Saru the Kelpian has hooves for feet. “As a Kelpian, what you have not seen in any of these trailers is my footwear,” said Doug Jones, who plays the alien character. “My feet are actually hooves. I’m six-eight in the show — I’m the tallest character in the show. I’m balancing on the balls of my feet.”Jones also revealed that Saru and Burnham will have a “brother-sister” dynamic.
    • Klingon fans will hear more Klingon, as T’Kuvma and L’Rell will be speaking in their native tongue. And don’t expect them to be only villains. Star Trek: Discovery will “deepen the knowledge of this group of individuals.”
    • Harry Mudd will be a bit different than the Harry Mudd of the original series. “This Harry Mudd is kind of a reimagining, a reinvention in the same way so many things have been reimagined and reinvented,” said Rainn Wilson, who will play Mudd. “He’s a bit more dastardly than the original. But that character made such an impression on me and it is a dream come true to try to bring him to life with as much drama and comedy as possible.”
    • Jeff Russo (Fargo, American Gothic) will be composing the music for Star Trek: Discovery.

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