June 13 2024


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Star Trek Timelines – Klingon Mega-Event

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Star Trek Timelines has announced their second month-long mega-event, this one featuring the Klingons.

The mega-event, A Good Day to Lie, begins tomorrow. In A Good Day to Lie, players will “be challenged to hold the Klingon Empire together while fighting off beasts from Klingon mythology, identifying nefarious parties profiteering from the muddy waters, and finding and reinstalling Chancellor Martok while there still is a chancellery to save.”

During the period of this event, players will “play through four interconnected weekly events, delving deeper into the Trek universe with each passing day.”

“We really wanted to find a story we could sink our teeth into, but that was relevant to all eras of Star Trek,” said Erin Prince, Star Trek Timelines Product Owner at Disruptor Beam. “When you think of all the iterations of Star Trek, Klingons have been more present than the Enterprise herself! We knew this was an event we’d be excited to play.”

A Good Day to Lie begins tomorrow with Scales of Power. In Scales of Power, “Chancellor Martok has gone missing, and in his absence, several houses are using the temporal anomaly crisis to their advantage. Given the confusion of timelines and inheritances, each house wants to claim an open seat on the Klingon High Council, and each is backed by powers outside the Empire itself. The Augments demand greater respect for Klingons affected by the augment virus, while the Ferengi have promised to move the Klingons (and themselves) into an age of economic prosperity, and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance seeks to expand its influence to Qo’noS. How will you steer the Klingon Empire with no chancellor at its helm?”

Scales of Power will be followed with When Giants Walk on July 13, The Heart of the Empire, on July 20, and Blood for Blood, beginning July 27.

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