June 18 2024


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Star Trek: Discovery’s Themes

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This week’s edition of SFX Magazine, courtesy of TrekCore, features new interviews with some of the Star Trek: Discovery cast members, who spoke about the themes touched upon in the show and how timely they are today.

Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) spoke about “cross-culturalism,” something very relevant in today’s turbulent times. “It’s such a phenomenal picture of acculturation; the ideal, the utopia, is one where acculturation happens without assimilation.

“Where I am able to take on the processes and customs and rituals of your culture without losing those of mine, and we can come together. Because you have the original culture you were born in, but then, so often, we have so many examples in human history of that core culture being lost.

Star Trek explores that, always has, and certainly explores it to the next level with our show. Where we see how you and I can come together. How can I maintain who I am, fully empathize and appreciate who you are, and then how do we have that two-way exchange?

“That’s, gosh, it’s gorgeous. It’s the most powerful thing about Star Trek, and about our iteration of Star Trek.”

Mary Wiseman (Cadet Tilly) said that Star Trek: Discovery is “about the merging of cultures without colonialism. That’s what’s idealistic about it now, if you think about America right now and the people that are coming into contact with cultures and frustrated by a lack of assimilation.

“This is a world where there is space for all.”

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