April 25 2024


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Discovery: Promo, Episode Titles And More – UPDATED

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There is plenty of news and promotion of Star Trek: Discovery with the premiere being less than a week away.

First up, from TrekCore, comes the news that the first two episode titles have been revealed. The premiere will be called The Vulcan Hello. The plot synopsis was also released. “While the crew members aboard the USS Shenzhou patrol through the far reaches of Federation space, they encounter a certain object of indeterminate origins, which presents a considerable challenge for the ship’s first officer.”

The second episode will be called Battle at the Binary Stars. No description was provided, but given all of the previous hints, one can expect the Klingons to be involved.

A new promotional video dropped over the weekend. A minute in length, it features some new scenes, including plenty of battle scenes, and Michael Burnham in a fight with a Vulcan male where she seems to be holding her own.

And finally, did Jonathan Frakes drop a spoiler about Star Trek: Discovery? The actor, appearing at The Continuing Voyage in Chicago this weekend, said that Discovery would have a Mirror Universe episode. No word if this will be the episode that he is slated to direct.

It would be wise to treat Frake’s comment as a rumor until it is confirmed.

UPDATE: The titles for episodes three are four at: Context is for Kings, and The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lambs’s Cry.

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