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Goldsman On Discovery’s Future And Social Context

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In an interview with TrekMovie, Star Trek: Discovery Executive Produce Akiva Goldsman gave fans an idea of what to expect in season one and, if commissioned, season two.

The premiere] is very different,” he said. “It is two-episodes combined…they are not different in terms of scope and scale but they are different in theme. They are different in promise. Your feeling about the series and your understanding and expectation of what is coming will be very different seventy-give minutes in than it will be five minutes in. We are trying to not give you the first of what you will see many of. We are actually trying to start a story and because we get to do serialized storytelling, there is nothing about it that is like an episode except its length.

If season two is created, what can fans expect? “What we found in the first season is that we essentially got to tell fifteen-hour character stories,” said Goldsman. “That allowed us to build a serialized story that included both plot and character. If we are lucky enough to have season two, I think we’ll sit down and talk about whether that makes sense to have that again.”

Goldsman also spoke with, where he said how excited he was to do “longform storytelling” on the show. “Now, with Discovery,” he said, “we’re fully serialized, which is awesome, and we’re telling a kind of story that we believe is important, which is about diversity, it’s about inclusion. It’s about how cultures co-exist, and I think that has always been timely, but I think it’s unbelievably timely right now.

“I think that part of when Star Trek works is it manages to really nicely address social context, but it does it in a way that isn’t overt. What is great about science-fiction is it’s a beautiful carnival mirror for human experience.”

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