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Star Trek: Discovery – Set Tour, Religion And War

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TV Guide‘s Alex Zalben had the chance to tour the Star Trek: Discovery set in Toronto last month, and he has posted a short video of that tour. Plus: Harberts on religion and war in Star Trek: Discovery.

The tour begins with two displays; a map, and a navigation display. Next up is the Captain’s chair, and then more displays are shown including engineering.

Zalben is obviously not a Trek fan, but it’s an interesting look at the bridge.

IGN also visited the Discovery set and spoke to cast and crewmembers, including co-showrunner Aaron Harberts.

Harberts spoke about the recent controversy over religion, when Jason Isaacs was told not to say “God” during filming. The whole thing was misinterpreted, said Harberts, and religion does exist in the Star Trek: Discovery world. “You will come to understand why that character has faith or doesn’t have faith is of vital importance,” said Harberts. “We had no interest in killing God, you know. And by God I mean anyone’s God. So the fact of the matter is I don’t think religion is going anywhere. Polls may say differently, but I think faith and hope and spirituality, whatever you may think that is, we’re carrying that into the future. We have to.”

“I think that the world is, and our Star Trek universe, is open to any and all belief systems. The Klingons absolutely have some sort of faith. You see a Klingon funeral in our pilot. Is it Balance of Terror that starts with a wedding? I want to actually do some storylines about it. I think the best way, instead of making, you know, pronouncements about that, is let’s tackle some storylines. Let’s talk about faith. Let’s talk about what place it has in the future. Let’s talk about what it makes people do. Let’s talk about encountering new ones.”

Harberts also spoke about war with the Klingons. “These Starfleet officers who find themselves in war are very quick to remind the audience that they didn’t sign up to do that,” he said. “That they are explorers first; that they are diplomats first. So our officers are quick to comment on the fact that this is not Starfleet’s mission. War is not why we’re here. And in fact, Discovery is a science vessel that has been conscripted for the war effort.”

Lt. Stamet’s “methods and life’s work is now being converted to be used for the war effort,” said Harberts, “and that bothers him greatly, and he talks about it a great deal. So we go into this with all of the people involved saying, this isn’t why we’re here. We have to do this, but this isn’t our main focus.”

More from Harberts, and several videos, are available at IGN.

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