July 22 2024


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Yeoh: Who Is Georgiou?

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Michelle Yeoh, who will be portraying Captain Philippa Georgiou, explained what makes Georgiou tick.

“She’s an explorer by heart,” said Yeoh. “She loves the universe, but she is a war veteran but now is a time of peace in the Federation. She is one who still has hope for humanity. She believes very, very strongly that there is goodness out there and we will always work from that point of view which is one of Starfleet’s principles. We do not stick a weapon out there and say ‘We come to take your territory.’ We come in friendship. We work for equality, freedom and cooperation.

I love the fact that she has a great sense of humor. When she is on her bridge, her bridge is her family, and you can see the respect and the love. It’s like she is the father and the mother of them, and they trust her implicitly with whatever she tells them to do because she will navigate them away from danger and always into safety; and she nurtures them, she teaches them, and that is what I think a captain does.”

Casting an Asian woman the role of a Star Trek captain is a “blessing” and also an “opportunity,” explained Yeoh. “It’s a blessing to be given the opportunity, to make a stand and say, ‘this is what’s for the future.’ Whoever can do the job, just get it done. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman or what race, because in the future, we are one race, we are human. We’re from planet Earth and we work together and protect our home base like that.”

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