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Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Hints

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Now that the Star Trek: Discovery finale has aired, fans are waiting for news about the second season and hints of what is to come are emerging. Note that there will be spoilers.

Many fans are wondering about how the USS Enterprise, seen in the finale, will figure into the second season.

It was always planned to bring in the USS Enterprise, said Gretchen J. Berg. “From the beginning, it was something that we knew that folks who are fans of Star Trek know the Enterprise is out there and it was kind of the elephant in the room,” she said. “We knew eventually that we would want to address that and deal with it.”

“We also knew that we couldn’t hold off on this because there are so many questions about Burnham in regards to the notion of Sarek and Spock’s family, which is not to say that we’re introducing Spock at the moment,” said Aaron Harberts. “We don’t want to spoil anything. But it’s certainly time to get the audience understanding that we fully intend to respect the original series and respect where Discovery falls in that. To do that, we have to show the Enterprise and at least have these ships cross paths.”

Harberts also spoke about Captain Pike, and why he would be of interest to the writers. “The thing to consider about Captain Pike is, from an audience and writer’s point of view, there is something very exciting about a key character from [the original series] who’s only been explored in two episodes of the original series – three if you consider how The Cage works into the puzzle in TOS,” he said. “When we think about the idea of Captain Pike, it opens up some large possibilities. We will never say never to exploring him a little bit more.”

Before the Enterprise showed up, Discovery was en route to pick up their new captain. Will that happen when the second season kicks off? “This is a story about detours,” said Harberts.

Discovery is finished with the Mirror Universe, at least for now, but what about Prime Universe Lorca, or Mirror Universe Georgiou? “If they’re out there, the possibilities are endless,” said Berg. “Never say never. That’s the great thing about this universe: there are so many more different ways to go. I can’t confirm or deny anything, but…”

“If we find Prime Lorca,” said Harberts. “I sort of want to find him making artisan sourdough bread in a bakery in San Francisco. That’s how that storyline could start and we’d just build from there.”

One thing that is on the fans’ minds is the what happened to the Stamets/Culber relationship and how the death affects Stamets. “We have just begun to tell the love story between Culber and Stamets, so I would just say hold tight,” said Berg.

“Stamets has got a lot to process that he hasn’t had time to process yet, in terms of not being in charge of the spore drive and having lost Culber,” said Harberts. “We’ve got to take Stamets on a journey as well and then we’ll see. But Culber is a character who is part of this Star Trek world, no doubt.”

“…We know that you’ll see these two characters interact again next season,” said Anthony Rapp in an interview with Star Trek.com. “I don’t know if it’ll be flashbacks, if it’ll be flash-forwards. Whatever it is, there will be some presence of our relationship will continue, and I’m pleased about that.”

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