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Cruz: I’ll Be Back

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Fans of Star Trek: Discovery were not happy when Dr. Culber, played by Wilson Cruz, was killed off in the first season, but the actor says don’t give up on the Culber-Stamets romance just yet.

One of the reasons that the couple worked so well on Discovery is the chemistry between Cruz and Anthony Rapp, who played his online partner in the first series. “I’ve known Anthony for twenty years,” said Cruz. “I did his last three weeks on Broadway. And as fellow openly gay actors, we’ve talked through the years about what that experience is. We’ve supported and rooted for each other.

“When we came to this, I think we both felt like it was a really special opportunity in that we’ve had all of this history and compassion and respect for each other’s talent. So I think we both decided, without even saying it, that we were gonna use our real love for each other to draw on to tell the story.

“The process for creating a relationship is different for everyone on TV. And sometimes you talk it through and create a history with each other. But there was this unspoken thing with Anthony and we didn’t have to do any of that. We just showed up on set and decided we loved each other and took it from there. And it was really easy!

So what’s in store for Culber and Stamets in the next season? “Aaron and Gretchen explained what was gonna happen and told me I was part of the story for next season,” said Cruz. “This is a longer, epic love story and this is just a part of that that we have to do in order to tell it. I know what that story is and as an actor, I’m really excited about it. But even as a viewer, I think that’s gonna be fun to watch!”

So don’t worry about that “bury your gays,” trope, says Cruz. “We’re letting people know I’ll be back…[fans] should just know there’s a bigger plan. It’s gonna pay off and it’s a great story to tell. Love has a way of telling its own story.”

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