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Star Trek Loot Crate Review

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After a bit of a delay, the first of a series of six Star Trek-themed Loot Crates was released. Loot Crates offer collectibles and clothing based on a theme. They can be purchased as a subscription of six (as reported last autumn by TrekToday when they began taking orders), or individually. Purchasers should receive a new Trek Loot Crate every other month. Those who subscribe to the entire series will receive QMx Metalwork‘s USS Enterprise NCC-1701 refit desktop replica, and be entered in a chance to win the Admiral’s Crate, “a very special collection of fabulous (perhaps invaluable) items with every new theme!”

This Loot Crate was the Star Trek: The Next Generation Wolf 359 crate. Included in the box was QMx‘s Locutus of Borg Mini-Master, QMx‘s USS Enterprise-D Mini Master, a Borg/Enterprise-D t-shirt, a Resistance is Futile decal, QMx‘s Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Division Badge, a card describing the contents of the box, and a Star Trek Online code to unlock free virtual items for the game.

The Loot Crate costs $39.99 plus shipping and the contents are said to be worth at least $65.00. I counted $63.00 worth of merchandise minus the t-shirt, which would probably sell for $20-$25.00. I have no idea what the decal is worth.

The one I received was the first in the series. Delivery of this crate was delayed for several months. The box that arrived was shaped like the original series’ Galileo 7. The inside was very detailed as can be seen in the picture above.

I really liked the Locutus of Borg Mini-Master and the USS Enterprise-D Mini-Master and so did Mr. T’Bonz, who immediately swiped them! They look nice in our display cabinet for ship models and other miscellaneous items. They are made of plastic, but seem sturdy enough.

The Borg/Enterprise-D t-shirt is attractive; featuring green Borg circuits with the USS Enterprise-D on top of them. The shirts come in unisex sizing, as per the Loot Crate website. I can’t comment on how well the fit is because I deliberately asked for a larger size than I would normally wear, so that I could wear it with black leggings. Fans going to Shore Leave in July will probably see me wearing this shirt.

I chose Sciences/Medical (Spock and McCoy for the win) and received a Star Trek: Discovery badge with the appropriate designation. Hey, that’s not TNG-themed! The only flaw with QMx‘s Discovery pin is that they don’t offer the pips. I’m sure someone somewhere will be selling them in due course. It’s a sturdy pin with a magnetic back.

The decal is fine (I’m not really a decal person); and the Star Trek Online code is for a Federation starter pack (PC only) for a novice to the game.

Finally, the imitation PADD card describing the items is very well done.

The Star Trek Loot Crate is something that is fun to get. I liked the items and purchasers get their money’s worth.

The second Star Trek Loot Crate, which is just arriving now (again delayed) is DS9-themed. It is called The Way of the Warrior and features a Worf Mini-Master figure.

Loot Crate is now advertising the third Star Trek Loot Crate, which is a Voyager one, Dark Frontier, featuring Seven of Nine. Fans wanting this one must sign up by May 15.

I would think that the last three would come from the original series, Enterprise, and Discovery. I plan on picking up the original series one and perhaps the Discovery one.

The Star Trek-themed Loot Crate is a good deal and filled with neat stuff. The only flaw is that the first two were delayed by months, so if you purchase the subscription or single Loot Crates, expect to wait, possibly for a few months past the stated delivery date. The only other complaint I have is that I prefer *all the items* to come from the theme of the crate. I like the Discovery pin, but couldn’t they find another TNG item to put in the TNG collection?

To purchase a subscription, or to order single crates, head to the link located here.

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