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Fan-Favorite Isaacs At Star Trek Las Vegas

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Yesterday, at Star Trek Las Vegas, Jason Isaacs appeared and spoke about his role of Gabriel Lorca, and what he and his co-actors did outside of work hours.

First though, according to TrekMovie, he cautioned fans who would be asking questions of him. “You can ask me any questions, any questions you like, including questions about any future sightings of Lorca, anywhere in Star Trek and I will probably continue to lie and keep secrets, like I did last year,” he said. “You can ask anything you like, but you will get nothing out of me.”

What intrigued Isaacs about the role was the fact that Lorca would have a secret. “What actors love is a secret,” said Isaacs. “It’s a five-course meal. It gives you something to play.”

But Isaacs didn’t know initially what that secret was. “They said it’s either going to be that he wants to get back [to the Mirror Universe], or he wants to bring people here, or he wants to conquer it, or he wants to take her there, or he wants to partner up with her, or he wants to kill people,” he said. “I said I can’t play that, that is a hundred different things. When you have a secret, you know what your secret is. If I am going to act it, I need to know what the secret is.”

So the actor was included in the discussion of the evolution of the character. “I jumped in,” he said; “and I am so glad that I did. It turned out to be one of the great experiences of my working life.”

Another thing Isaacs was included in was “game night,” due to Sonequa Martin-Green. Martin-Green convinced her co-actors to socialize with “game nights,” which took place at Isaacs’ house in Toronto. “We all kind of bonded,” he said. “Everybody met regularly and we had a fantastic time outside of work. So, when we got to work, it was like a bunch of friends. There was no hierarchy. The people who had no lines or one line were just part of the family.”

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