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Star Trek Online: Age Of Discovery To Add Discovery Actress

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Recently, Star Trek Online announced its Age of Discovery expansion, and fans were pleased to hear that Mary Wiseman (Sylvia Tilly) would be part of the game.

Now TrekMovie reports that another Discovery actress will join Age of Discovery next year.

Age of Discovery, “opens in the year 2256, just after the Battle at the Binary Stars. In the wake of a brutal war against the Klingons, Starfleet Captains must face J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma, who seeks to alter the destiny of the Alpha Quadrant. Players will need to rely on the help of fellow Starfleet Academy Cadet Sylvia Tilly (played by Discovery actress Mary Wiseman), who has come home to assist with training and see them off on their first assignment. From there, they will journey to iconic locations from Star Trek: Discovery, like the Dilithium Mines of Corvan II, explore the new experimental Crossfield class Starship, the U.S.S. Glenn, and defend Starbase 1 from a fearsome attack by the Klingon House of D’Ghor.”

Rekha Sharma, who played Commander Ellen Landry, the first Security Officer on the USS Discovery, will be joining Wiseman in Age of Discovery. The story of her origins will be told.

“I cannot wait to see it,” said Sharma. “I love the idea that people will get to play [alongside] me [as Landry]. I would love to know more about her origin story, because I think there’s probably an amazing journey there.”

Also coming to Age of Discovery will be Ripper the Tardigrade.

Star Trek Online announced that Age of Discovery will “will continue to grow with new missions, new ships, and new characters slowly being added.” And fans of Captain Tilly will get to see her; she will be seen in a story on the planet Pavro (Star Trek: Discovery: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.)

Star Trek Online has posted the Age of Discovery panel (audio only), featuring Wiseman and Sharma, which can be heard here.

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