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Star Trek Stellar Cartography Updated

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Fans of Larry Nemecek‘s Stellar Cartography book who are also fans of Star Trek: Discovery will be pleased to know that the book has been updated and now includes details relevant to that series.

Coming out on October 9, the 2018 Star Trek Stellar Cartography will include the same ten maps that were found in the first edition of the book. In this book though, more locations have been added to the book; some from the original series and the Animated Series, and some from Season One of Star Trek: Discovery.

Some of the maps include an ancient Vulcan map, a Klingon Empire map (in native Klingon, which has also been updated), an official Romulan government map of the Empire, a Cardassian Union map from the Bajor occupation era, and Federations maps.

Trek Starbases from the original series through Discovery are listed, and a “newly-created location key” will aid in finding various locations.

Various errors in the first edition were corrected in this edition.

Get your copy here. Star Trek: Stellar Cartography will cost $50.00.

Note: the right side of the photo accompanying the article is from the first version, not the updated one.

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