June 15 2024


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The Roddenberry Nexus Virtual Reality Experience

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A new virtual reality experience, The Roddenberry Nexus, will take Trek fans where no fan has gone before.

Here is the press release describing The Roddenberry Nexus:

Sansar, the premier destination for social VR, today announced their latest collaboration with Roddenberry Entertainment: The Roddenberry Nexus in Sansar – a new virtual experience for fans that showcases the best of Roddenberry’s science fiction properties, including never-before-seen art and artifacts from Star Trek‘s fifty-two-year history and new stories such as the short film Instant. The hangout space will serve as a venue for future Roddenberry events and fan meet-ups.”

Those attending Star Trek Las Vegas were able to demo The Roddenberry Nexus at the convention. Those who couldn’t attend can have a peek at it by watching the video at the end of this article before signing up for it at Sansar’s website.

“In offering fans virtual access to its archives, from anywhere in the world, Roddenberry Entertainment continues to pioneer a richer, more interactive fan experience – one where fans not only have more places to hang and connect, but also new ways of experiencing the storied Roddenberry legacy. It’s an innovative streak that reaches back months: this past May, the company collaborated with Sansar to host a live episode of its Mission Log Podcast, aboard a virtual recreation of the bridge from the original Enterprise; a virtual Star Trek trivia night followed in early July.

“‘Roddenberry Entertainment always strives to be on the forefront of innovation, going where no one has gone before,’ said Eugene ‘Rod’ Roddenberry, CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment. ‘Sansar Studios is a leader in VR development and we are proud to partner with them on this new initiative, combining the history and legacy of Roddenberry with their groundbreaking technology.’

“With the Nexus, Roddenberry Entertainment has found a way to further evolve VR’s role in fan engagement, making Roddenberry history feel instantly more immediate, more accessible, and more tangible than ever before. Inspired by the futuristic environments Star Trek once made famous, the space lets visitors view and virtually interact with never-before-seen artifacts from the show’s development – everything from props to costumes and artwork – across three distinct levels, with original voice-over content to offer guidance. Anyone with a link to the Sansar experience can step directly into TV and movie history; whether just to take a private tour, or to attend one of the many fan events planned in the space in coming months.

“‘We really do see VR as a new frontier for fan engagement,’ says Jason Gholston, Head of Sansar Studios.’We’re not just tapping into fans’ collective nostalgia; we’re actively empowering them to reach out and touch television history, in a way that might not be possible in the real world. We’re thrilled to be able to preserve these pieces for future generations, and to find such amazing collaborators in Roddenberry Entertainment.’

“Experience the Roddenberry Nexus in Sansar today.”

The Roddenberry Nexus doesn’t require a virtual reality headset, but of course if one has this, it will enrich the experience. System requirements can be found here.

To try out The Roddenberry Nexus, head here to download Sansar and to enter The Roddenberry Nexus.

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