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Star Trek: Discovery Season Two: The Red Angel

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At New York Comic Con last weekend, Sonequa Martin-Green spoke about what to expect in Season Two. Note: There are spoilers in the article.

We’ve heard about the Burnham-Spock dynamic, but what about Burnham-Saru? They’re more like brother and sister now, said Martin-Green. “I have certainly attached myself, as Burnham. I’ve attached myself to Saru in such a new and beautiful way. We’ve known each other for a really long time now at this point. He was already on the Shenzhou when I came on, directly from Vulcan. I surpassed him in ranking, and so that was a sore subject, and a, you know, a point of contention between us. We have always competed against each other, but we’ve always brought out the best of each other. And there have been times when it’s been a bit spiteful, and it’s been a bit…a bit harsh here and there. But what we have ultimately found, and what you will see play out in Season Two, is that the bond is really deep. It’s really deep, it’s very true, and it’s innervating in itself. And so we come to realize just how important we are to each other, and what our roles are in each other’s lives, and we’re completely dependent on each other. And it’s a beautiful thing.”

In Season Two, Starfleet is trying to figure out a “mysterious phenomenon” called the Red Angel. This angel is tied to seven signals that “have appeared across the galaxy.” It is also connected to both Spock and Burnham.

“The Red Angel appears to Michael Burnham at a very, very critical moment,” said Martin-Green. “You can see from the trailer that we just released that it looks like a life-or-death moment. And I see this angel and I say that it gives me comfort and lets me know that everything is going to be okay. And then what I find out later is that Spock has also seen this same Red Angel, but when he was a child. Spock is linked to these signals and he needs help.”

So Starfleet will be “finding out what this angel is, where this angel came from, what it wants, what it needs, what it’s doing,” said Martin-Green. “All those questions.”

Doug Jones, speaking with TrekMovie, added a bit more about those signals. “The seven signals you heard about? Each one of those signals starts a new storyline that will have some sort of completion,” he said. “But the overall arc; they’re all very connected, and you need to watch the entire season to find out where it’s all going.”

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