March 4 2024


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Final Star Trek Mission Crate Begins Shipping

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For patient Loot Crate Star Trek fans waiting for their third Star Trek Mission Crate, there is good news with the announcement that the third and final Trek Mission Crate has begun shipping.

This crate features Star Trek: Voyager’s Dark Frontier episode. In this Loot Crate, the QMx Mini Masters figurine includes Seven of Nine!

Also included is a Captain Proton t-shirt, a Seven of Nine towel, a QMx Voyager combadge, a Starfleet Command Voyager sticker, and various codes for Star Trek: Online.

There was also bad news for fans of the series. A note was sent to each Star Trek Mission Crate recipient, informing them that the Trek series of Loot Crates was being terminated early. After apologizing for the inconvenience of Loot Crate‘s terrible delays in shipping the Trek Mission Crates, they went on to say, “Unfortunately, we have decided to discontinue the Star Trek Mission Crate subscription line going forward.”

It’s a pity that this fine series of Loot Crates had ended. Your reporter reviewed the first one, and it was worth the price they charge for it, for the QMx figure alone.

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