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Kurtzman: Answering Season Two Questions

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In an interview with Entertainment, Alex Kurtzman answered more questions about the second season of Star Trek: Discovery; including ones about Spock/Burnham, the USS Enterprise, Prime Universe Lorca, and a background fan favorite.

First, Season Two will focus on the Burnham/Spock connection and explain more about Spock. “…My strong feeling was if we were going to tell a new Spock story we had to tell an unwritten chapter and fill in some blanks about his character that people may not have known,” said Kurtzman. “And one of the things I really enjoyed about my time working on the Trek movies is taking a look at certain areas that had been painted so broadly there was a lot of room for interpretation or gaps that could be filled in. We did that last year with the Klingon war. Why Spock has never mentioned his half-sister Michael Burnham is such a major question to anybody who knows that character that it felt like we needed an entire season devoted to the answer rather than just one small episode.

“It also gives an opportunity to show a part of Spock we haven’t seen. When we meet Spock in The Original Series he’s more or less the fully formed Vulcan that he remains for the rest of his run; he has come to understand there’s a necessary balance between logic and emotion. The Spock we meet in season 2 is really not there yet. He’s experienced his event that’s fried his logical brain and his emotional side is not equipped to deal with it and he’s really struggling. The big idea was to say this season is about coming to understand that if it were not for his relationship with Michael he would not have become the Spock we know today.”

Kurtzman was asked about spending any time on the USS Enterprise. “Here’s what I can tell you,” he said. “The show is called Discovery. So the focus is on Discovery. But anything is possible.”

Discovery fan-favorite villain (other than Harry Mudd) was Mirror Universe Lorca. With him gone, would we be seeing anything of Prime Universe Lorca this season? “I will tell you that you should not expect to see him this season but that doesn’t mean he won’t be back.”

Some fans would like to see more of and about the characters who run the bridge, especially Airiam. Kurtzman said that she would get some attention in Season Two. “Yes, you will be getting a lot more about Airiam this season,” he said.

Discovery airs in less than a week.

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