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Saru In Discovery’s Season Two: A Return

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In an interview with TrekMovie at the Discovery Season Two red carpet event, Doug Jones explained what will happen with Saru this season. Note: Spoilers for Season Two are below.

The Kelpian will not always be on the ship this season. “I get to stay on the ship some, I get to explore some,” he said.

Part of that exploration includes a return to Kaminar, first seen in the Star Trek: Short Treks: The Brightest Star. “I especially get to explore when we make a visit to my home planet of Kaminar, which is a big conflict for Saru because, as you saw in the Short Treks, in my backstory when I was snatched up by Lieutenant-at-the-time Georgiou, who found me and took me into the fold of Starfleet, I was told at that time I can never return,” said Jones.

“Because I’m leaving a pre-warp society secretly, and joining a warp society. And so now what? I can’t go back with the knowledge that I have. That would ruin their own natural growth, right? So how do I get back to Kaminar, then. This is going to be a conflict and – yes, there’s a lot at stake here, for Saru. And I learn things this year about myself, and some things come up that challenge my perception of what it is to be a Kelpien, what I thought I knew about being a Kelpien. There’s so much, my world’s a little bit rocked. And going back to Kaminar: can I share what I know? Wow, right? Mystery!

“This is a mysterious season for sure. And these seven signals in the sky, scattered throughout the galaxy … every time we follow one, there’s something to be fixed, a catastrophe to be remedied. And are they connected? That’s a question.”

Jones will be helping other actors who will be playing Kelpians in Season Two. “When you’re the first Kelpien on a show, yes [I will be teaching them]. And they cast others and it’s like, ‘Okay, how I walk, how I stand, how we feel, how we…’ – I had Kelpien school with anyone who played a Kelpien. I had to make a video of myself walking and standing, so they could get that down, and I had a little sit-down with my sister Siranna, and the gentleman who played my dad too, in the Short Trek, to talk about the threat ganglia — when do they pop out, why do they pop out—and how I hold myself as a Starfleet person but we had to kind of develop what’s life like on Kaminar before I joined Starfleet. So yeah, a lot to discover, a lot to review with anyone playing a Kelpien. Hannah Spear, who plays Siranna, my sister, is also tall, lanky, lithe, and she went through the makeup process beautifully too, James can vouch for that. She was a good trooper with all that.”

“I think you’re going to fall in love with her even more.”

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