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Star Trek: Discovery Set Changes And Additions

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Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery will bring some changes to the sets on the show.

Actors will now be able to access the bridge through another entrance other than through the former Captain Lorca’s Ready Room. “This year, the designers wanted to give the set ‘more depth,” so they removed one wall near the corner they call HAL (a nod to A Space Odyssey).”

“It allows for crew members to enter onto the set other than through the Ready Room” said one of Discovery‘s art directors, Jody Clement. “That area was considered a bit dark in the background and didn’t really have any life in it. So we added digital production on some pipes — a bunch of ones and zeros that give it life.”

Lorca’s Ready Room has been turned into a science lab.

Engineering has been expanded, by removing a wall and installing some piping. “You can see a series of pipes [through that hall] and then we have a backdrop just beyond those pipes to give the illusion that the chamber goes a lot further,” said Clement. “The control pads on the walls are removable and the crew changes them from scene to scene.”

Corridors on the USS Discovery have been extended so that actors could do longer scenes in them without having to stop so that the crew could turn around cameras and film from the other direction.

“Directors were finding it difficult to stage scenes,” said Clement. “This year, in order to prevent them from having to stop and start over, we can do a continuous loop because we opened it up. The airlock has gone away and we’ve made the ceilings a little higher with some greenspace above.”

The Mess Hall, which doubled as Crew Quarters, has been expanded and turned into two sets, one for each set.

“It was a challenge on many levels,” said Clement, “and we also ran into a lot of wear-and-tear on the set when we were changing it over. We lost an entrance into the Mess Hall, so we created a new one. Now it’s Mess Hall on Deck 5 instead of Mess Hall on Deck 2. We have multiple Mess Halls…and Sick Bays! We have the same Sick Bay as last year, but we made a few changes.”

Also in the Mess Hall are five working (via special effects) synthesizers, not just the one.

Keep an eye out for these changes when watching the show later this month.

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