June 14 2024


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Control In Control

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After last night’s episode, Alex Kurtzman and Alan Van Sprang speak about why Control was created, what went wrong, and how it is to play such a role.

“Control is an artificial intelligence program designed by Section 31 that helps them to do threat analysis,” said Kurtzman. “And in its analysis, it sort of realizes that organic life and human and alien inability to ultimately fully come together is inefficient, and that the best way to proceed is to eliminate all organic life.

“It won’t be relying on anything that we organic creatures need and it will be an evolutionary step.”

For Van Sprang, playing an AI meant his role was a bit harder but very satisfying as an actor. “Control tries to take over our whole universe including our dear Section 31 leader,” he said. “Doing the AI is somewhat – a little more difficult because you are given an amount of dialog and you can’t be a human about it, you just have to say it straightforward and it’s just all facts to a kind of computer, basically.

“It gives you so much range throughout a season of television what I wasn’t really expecting because none of us really knew what was going to happen next.”

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