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Rapp: Spores And The End of Season Two

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In another PaleyFest interview, TrekMovie spoke with Anthony Rapp about spores, Stamets and what to expect next.

The spore network and the jahSepp living there were threatened, but it turns out that the solution was to remove the problem. “My understanding is what was happening to the jahSepp was because of Culber’s presence in the mycelial network,” said Rapp. “That there was a kind of a ‘what’s happening?’ when we would come through and a ‘what is that?’ And then the damage that was being done is that Hugh was there and covering himself with the bark. So, it was a misunderstanding, as Trek does so many times when you think one thing is the problem and it turns out it is not the problem. So, that is my understanding. Going through the mycelial network is not doing any harm, as long as we are not doing any of the things that Hugh was doing.”

When it comes to Stamets, some fans missed the grumpy Stamets of the first season, but he’s not totally gone. “There is grouchy Stamets, but grouchy Stamets is only there when there is work to be done,” said Rapp. “Grouchy Stamets doesn’t suffer fools and waste time. So, it’s not like just randomly being mean to people. If you are interfering with my ability to do my job, I might get a little grouchy with you.”

What should fans expect in the last four episodes of the season? “If we have done our job, based on what was on the page and based on the work we did on set, there should be hopefully a sense of powerful completion to all the stories and all the threads we have been carrying for these first two seasons. And then we are going to go – that will lead us into something really cool for season three.”

Below is TrekMovie‘s video of the interview.

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