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Martin-Green’s Discovery Thoughts On Season Three And Burnham

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Now that the second season of Star Trek: Discovery has wrapped up, Sonequa Martin-Green is looking ahead to the next season. Note: There will be spoilers so watch the finale first and then return to this article.

At the end of Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2, Michael Burnham and the USS Discovery left the twenty-third century and traveled almost a thousand years into the future. How does Martin-Green feel about that? “I think that, going where we are going, I just gotta say it, going boldly where no one has gone before, [the excitement] will just continue. Now that we have found ourselves in this new place, I’m very excited to see how that plays out. Our name is Star Trek: Discovery, and the people on the starship Discovery are discovering themselves.

“You have Saru going from fear-based to power-based. Culber came back to life, so it’s Culber and Stamets having to realize who they are to each other. Tilly is realizing herself in this new way, separate from her mother. Then, obviously, Burnham had all these cornerstones of shame taken down one by one. Spock realized the balance between being Vulcan and being human at the same time. Michael helped him realize that, and he helped her realize herself. There’s all this self-actualization, and I love that we’re finding ourselves as a family and as a crew.”

And what does Martin-Green want for her character in Season Three? “Well, in a perfect world, I’m hoping for a balance; that very same balance we saw Spock find, that Saru’s trying to find, that all the other characters are trying to find.

“I’m very excited for it because when you pick up with Michael Burnham, [she’s] this Vulcan-Human. I have this image I have built up, and it is made of diamonds. It’s almost impenetrable, these defenses I’ve put up as I’ve been overcompensating and seeking absolution. [I’m] being driven by shame and guilt and needing to prove myself. That’s where you picked up with me, at the beginning of this show. So, what I love is that you see this outpouring of emotion in Season Two, because the pendulum has swung the other way. Now I’ve really connected with my humanity like never before. So now it’s time for us to swing, and swing, and swing, and swing until it gets to the middle and we find this balance.

“That balance is something I’m going to be working on for some time to come, and that’s what I’m really excited to find. I’m excited for the freedom that is to come for Michael Burnham, as well, now that I’m not driven by shame. All these things have been plucked out and uprooted, so now I have the freedom to be who I am.”

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