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Mount And Peck Are Open To Reprising Pike And Spock

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Many Star Trek: Discovery fans were pleased with the performances of Anson Mount as Pike, and Ethan Peck as Spock, and would love to have them in their own series; even drafting a petition to try to convince CBS to make this possible.

The actors themselves are not averse to returning, judging by comments made at Calgary Expo by Mount, and by Peck in an interview with TV Guide.

“[Coming back as Pike] checks all the boxes,” said Mount. “It’s a character I love; it’s a franchise I love; it’s an experience that I have already loved. Obviously, any opportunity to go back and play with that incredible team, led by (executive producer and co-creator) Alex Kurtzman and all of those incredible artisans from costumes, to makeup, to art, to props. Everybody in that crew is operating at the top of their game.”

Even sitting in the Captain’s chair was a great experience for Mount. “I got to sit in the chair and thank God I got that out of the way on a day I wasn’t working,” said Pike. “Because I got surprisingly emotional when I sat in the Captain’s chair. There is this weird full 360 to realize that I was still playing make-believe and now I was doing it for a living and I was going to play the same game that I played when I was a child. It was wild.”

As for Peck, he told TV Guide that “I would like to come back, because being a part of Star Trek is like magic. It’s funny,” he said; “I think Star Trek is so divisive amongst people in the world that are like, ‘Never seen it, not interested.’ And those that do see it are very attached and find themselves very connected with it. To be a part of something like that is just really special. Now I feel like I’ve done a lot of the groundwork and Spock is very much a part of me. I’m the same but different having finished it. So would I like to continue? Yeah. I think it would be great,” Peck said.”

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