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Mount On The Possibility Of Pike’s Return

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At the Great Philadelphia Comic Con last weekend, during a panel with Anson Mount, the actor spoke about various topics such as Pike, Pike’s religion, Pike’s future, and what it would take for Pike to return.

The flash-forward scene (Through the Valley of Shadows) was one topic, with Mount saying that it was “not an easy scene. And so if I’ve learned one thing,” he said, “I think I’ve learned to listen to the muse pretty well. And what the muse is indicating is the right way to go. And the muse was telling me a few things. One had to do with the response to seeing that, that we went back and forth on it a bit, but the more important one was the way that flash-forward was scripted originally was just from young Pike’s point of view and I immediately felt this is not right, because there should be a point of view from future Pike as well. We should see what he is getting out of this. And so I asked Doug Aarniokoski, our director, to go watch the final scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey. And so that that camera language is quite heavily borrowed from that.”

Mount was then asked if he felt there was more of Pike’s story to tell before his future tragedy as seen in both Discovery and the original series. “Sure…,” he said. “There is plenty to flesh out, I think, with a lot of these characters. I think in terms of the timeline; I think there is plenty of time as well. I know what you are getting at.”

When asked directly if he would come back for a Pike series, Mount said, “It would involve a lot of creative conversations.”

When another fan asked about an Enterprise series with Pike, Spock, and Number One, Mount was positive about the idea, while at the same time describing the time it takes to film a Discovery season. “I’d love to see that too,” he said. “But doing it is…it’s not an easy show to shoot. This season we shot for eight months, for fourteen episodes. I don’t know how much you know about TV production, but that is a snail’s pace. That is long. But, I don’t know anything that you don’t.”

Mount was asked what he felt Pike’s religious faith was. “There are things I know about a character and there are things that I suspect,” he said. “So, I am as much an authority as you or anyone else. But, I suspect, Pike’s from Mojave; he is a horse guy, I think he had good parents, and yeah, I think he grew up going to church. But, I do not know what denomination. But I am Episcopalian and I have a feeling his relationship with religion and faith is a deeply personal one. I think he is the farthest thing from an evangelical there is. I think he is like me in the sense that the more I learn about science and the sheer vastness and mystery of the universe and quantum physics, the more faithful I become. The more faith that I have that this didn’t just happen, and we are seeing a very thin sliver of what actually is.”

The video can be seen below in its entirety. Some of the other topics include working with Colm Meaney on Hell on Wheels, Mount’s favorite Trek series, the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour, Mount’s podcast, the Marvel Universe, and music.

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