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Kadin On Discovery Season Three and Possible Tie-ins

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Fans awaiting Season Three of Discovery have speculated about how or if Michelle Yeoh‘s Georgiou would tie into the season, and if so, how that would happen.

In an interview with Assignment X, Heather Kadin, executive producer on Discovery, gave fans an answer. “We want to use Michelle Yeoh as much as possible,” she said. “Our plan is, she’ll be used throughout Season 3. The spinoff wouldn’t happen until after that.”

Even if the Section 31 spinoff came in the middle of the season, fans can expect to see Yeoh on Discovery for quite a while. “You’ll see her all of this season, and then most of next,” said Kadin.

Kadin also spoke about the Short Treks: Calypso episode and if it would be referenced in the future. “…It was such a gift,” she said. “The idea originally, I think, was just to tell these standalone stories that, in themselves, would be their own thing, and then the more in love with each one of them we became, the more we decided we really wanted to use them.

“We definitely want to deal with that story [Calypso] in particular down the line, and especially with that actor, Aldis Hodge. He was magnificent. So you’ll see sometime down the line, for sure.”

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