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Plenty Of New Hero Collector Ships

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Last week at Star Trek: Las Vegas, as reported by TrekCore, Hero Collector‘s Matt Buss and Chris Thompson presented some of the newer ships to expect from the Starships collection, including some of the larger XL Starships.

The XL Starships line is now going to be twenty-two ships and two of the seven unrevealed ones were shown at ST:LV. They include a D’Deridex-class Romulan Warbird #16 (I’m all over this!) and the very first XL space station, Starbase Deep Space 9.

The next bonus edition will be the SS Conestoga (Star Trek: Enterprise: Terra Nova) #20, and the Son’a flagship #19 (Star Trek: Insurrection), plus Spock’s Vulcan warp sled (Star Trek: The Motion Picture).

In the Star Trek: Discovery subscription line, look for the Discovery-era Class-C shuttle #19, the USS Hiawatha #20, the Becon of Kahless Klingon obelisk #21, and the special-edition ISS Charon (Terran Empire)

For the regular subscription line, seven more issues were revealed. They are: the Batris freighter #158 (The Next Generation: Heart of Glory), USS Excelsior concept design from Nilo Rodis #159, the Sarajevo #160 (Star Trek: Enterprise: Daedalus), Void alien ship #161 (Star Trek: Voyager: Night), the El-Aurian Lakul #162 (Star Trek: Generations), an Orion Interceptor #163 (Enterprise: Borderland), another USS Excelsior concept model #164 from Rodis, and a Karemma starship #165 (Deep Space Nine: Starship Down).

Expect another line of starship models, and an official Star Trek Online subscription program for starship models based on the game.

More photos of the various ships can be seen at TrekCore.

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