April 18 2024


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Hurd: Raffi Musiker Is Damaged

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In an interview with TrekCore, Michelle Hurd explains the backstory on Raffi Musiker and what makes her tick.

Musiker, according to CBS, is “a veteran Starfleet Intelligence agent and formidable tactician [whose] experience in investigating and analyzing Romulan affairs was a vital asset to Picard on their past mission together.”

In the past, “Raffi had a prior relationship with Picard after the time of Next Generation,” said Hurd; “but they had a falling out. She is a security analyst and a hacking genius. She’s really sarcastic… but she also is haunted by some decisions that she made in the past, and has a really complicated and challenging relationship with the Federation.”

Like many people today, Raffi is “damaged,” said Hurd. “She is an addict but there are reasons behind that – as there is always, for people who have that demon on their shoulder. I really appreciate to be able to tell that story because I think it affects a lot of us, whether you’re talking about some addiction to some substance or an addiction to other things – shopping, working out — the things that we do to avoid the issues that we should face.”

But Raffi is not just “a drunk” or “a druggie;” the character is “using these vices to actually get up out of bed, and to put one foot in front of the other to get through the day.”

So why is Raffi damaged and an addict? “She’s haunted,” said Hurd. “There are a lot of people are haunted by decisions made in the past. How do you work through that? How do you deal with it? Some people don’t have to do anything to deal with their problems. Other people need to have help. And I think you see that Raffi needs help, and she’s doing the best she can.”

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