May 22 2024


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Cruz: Discovery Season Three Will Be Healing

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In an Instagram Livestream as reported by TrekMovie, Star Trek: Discovery‘s Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp spoke about Season Three of Discovery and how relevant it is to today’s events.

Star Trek has always had a history of being political beginning with the original series, which aired during the time of the Vietnam War and social unrest. More than one episode reflected that reality of the time (A Private Little War, Way to Eden, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, etc.).

“Everything is political, whether it tries to or not,” said Rapp. “It is always making some sort of political statement. I am always reminded of Jonathan Larson who wrote Rent. He very intentionally was aware of the political messages in Rent and he leaned into that. Tony Kushner wrote Angels in America, incredibly aware of the political messages, and he leaned into that.

“I am not sure everyone is as aware of that and can be blind to it, but there is always something political. It is not like it should complicate or curtain a human story, but I think you should be aware of when you put something together what it presenting and what it is putting out in the world.”

“I think in terms of when we are actually working, I don’t thing that is at the forefront of our minds,” said Cruz. “But when we are reading it, when it is being developed, the [Discovery] writers and producers have been amazing at taking our input. I think we take great pride in what we are trying to put out there. I am really excited – I was excited before the pandemic about people seeing Season Three – but I am even more excited about Season Three, just because of the themes involved and about how healing it can be for people to watch. It’s prescient. It’s going to be very interesting to see what the effects of it are.”

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