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Fuller’s Discovery Mirror Universe Vision

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If Bryan Fuller had stayed with Star Trek: Discovery, his vision for a Mirror Universe wouldn’t have been like the type shown in the original series.

As part of an interview during Robert Meyer Burnett‘s Robservations webseries, Fuller explained his idea of a Mirror Universe. “The thing that really fascinated me in sitting down and crafting the story for Discovery was the human condition,” he said.

“What I really wanted to do in setting out was looking at the minutiae of simple decisions that have a cascade effect on our lives. So, it’s not about gold lamé sashes and goatees versus no sash and clean-shaven. It is more about we are at forks in the road every moment of our lives and we either go left or right.

“It makes me think of Joe Menosky‘s speech in [Star Trek: Voyager: Latent Image], where The Doctor has a ‘Sophie’s choice’; he can only save one life. And he chose Ensign Harry Kim versus this other ensign and it is a split-decision and it causes his entire program to unravel because he can’t handle how his choice was always going to cost a life. It was his Kobayashi Maru.

“So, there was something in the mistakes made by Burnham in Battle of the Binary Stars that had this ripple, but the Mirror Universe was always meant to be an exploration of a small step in a different direction.”

The full interview can be seen over at TrekMovie.

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