June 20 2024


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McNeill And Wang Trying To Revive Captain Proton

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This weekend, in a virtual panel as reported by TrekMovie, Robert Duncan McNeill and Garrett Wang spoke about their new podcast and their desire to bring back Captain Proton as a series.

“I loved the Captain Proton holodeck stories,” said McNeill. “I thought there should have been a lot more of that, partially because I liked the character I got to play. That could have been an amazing thing to explore the story within the story. And it was such a great echo where we could make fun of ourselves; we could reference old Star Trek plotlines. We could have done so many things in the Captain Proton holodeck story. So yeah, I think there is a great opportunity to go revisit that.”

McNeill isn’t just thinking about a Captain Proton series; he has actually spoken to David Goodman about it. “I talked to Goodman about maybe writing that serial,” he said. “I don’t know if it would be a CBS All Access thing or something that we could do that would be fun and silly and we can get our cast back together, which would be a blast.”

If TPTB aren’t interested, Wang thinks that the fans might be. “Even if we went the crowd-funding route, similar to Alan Tudyk who you have been working with on Con Man. I think they received their funding within two days. It just flowed in. Millions of dollars. I do feel we would get the same reaction if we were to crowd-fund.”

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