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Virtual Trek Con 2

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Virtual Trek Con 2 begins this Thursday, October 15, and runs through Monday, Oct 19.

The convention includes cast and crew interviews, fan interactions, special performances, and surprise announcements.

Thursday’s events include the opening ceremonies, where fans meet Cirroc Lofton, Ryan T. Husk and the team behind Virtual Trek Con 2, and where Lofton and Husk explain how this convention will work.

Mike McMahan will appear in a panel moderated by Husk and Lofton. Other panels will include The Roddenberrys Present, and The 7th Rule presents: DS9’s Improbable Cause. There also will be gaming.

Friday highlights include the Diversity in Star Trek panel, including Michelle Hurd, Conrad Coates, Lofton, and Raven Dauda; Alien Actors and Makeup with Tracee Cocco and Rico E. Anderson, Female Friendships of the Final Frontier, Trivia Night, Richard Arnold, and Space Command.

On Saturday, some of the highlights includes Making a Cardassian (Thomas E. Surprenant, Tracee Cocco), Jake Sisko on Writing Featuring Armin Shimerman (Armin Shimerman, Lofton, Husk), Rod Roddenberry, a Discovery panel (Doug Jones, David Benjamin Tomlinson), and a Klingon High Council Townhall Meeting (J.G. Hertzler, Robert O’Reilly).

On Sunday, there is Character Development in DS9 (Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe), Gaaays in Spaaace presents Trekkie Feud (Hertzler, Robert Picardo), Live Concert by Tim Russ Crew (Tim Russ), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Shimerman, Alexander Siddig, Hana Hatae, Lofton, Malissa Longo, Wolfe).

On Monday, join Larry Nemecek and Dr. Ali Mattu in Life support Presents: Star Trek and Mental Health: Hits and Misses, The Improvised Generation, and Falling Tower presents WTF Star Trek: Short Treks.

To see all of the programs happening on each day of Virtual Con 2, head to the link located here.

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