April 18 2024


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Hero Collector Starships Coming In February 2021

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Three ships in the Official Starships Collection will be arriving in February 2021.

The ships include the XL-sized Delta Flyer, a Hou Yi-class ship, and the USS Avenger.

“Improvised in the Delta Quadrant at the urging of Lieutenant Tom Paris, the Delta Flyer was an advanced shuttle that incorporated both Starfleet and Borg technology. Larger than a standard shuttlecraft, the Delta Flyer had retractable warp nacelles, and was more able to handle the hostile environments that the crew of the USS Voyager faced in the depths of the Delta Quadrant.”

The cost of the XL-sized Delta Flyer will be $75.00 US/€64.99/£49.99.

Next up is the Section 31 Hou Yi-class starship, as seen in Star Trek: Discovery: Such Sweet Sorrow. “Named for the mythological Chinese archer who shot down the sun, the medium-sized, four-nacelled Hou Yi-class was a starship developed in secret to pursue Section 31‘s shadowy goals. It was deployed by the rogue artificial intelligence Control to attack the U.S.S. Discovery and U.S.S. Enterprise, near the planet Xahea.”

The cost of the Hou Yi-class ship will be $54.95 US/€44.99/£34.99.

The third ship comes from the Star Trek Online game. The USS Avenger is “An agile vessel available to Starfleet players in Star Trek Online. The Avenger-Class Battlecruiser was intended to compete with the smaller, more nimble vessels fielded by the Klingon Defense Force. Intended primarily for war rather than exploration, the Avenger-class sparked a minor arms race on its debut.”

The cost for the USS Avenger will be $29.95 US/€24.99/£19.99.

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