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Kurtzman: What To Expect In Season Four Of Discovery

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Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman has provided some hints on what to expect next season on Star Trek: Discovery.

Kurtzman appeared on the BlerdGurl podcast earlier this month, as reported by TrekMovie. If you’re avoiding spoilers, or haven’t seen the Season Three finale yet, it’s best not to read further.

After the season finale, some fans are wondering if we will ever see Saru again. “Saru is definitely coming back, of course he’s coming back,” said Kurtzman. “But everybody is evolving in different ways, right? Like the journey for Burnham obviously was from the rejection of the captain’s chair to the sitting in the captain’s chair. And when you have those kinds of polarities, you know, you’re going to have something interesting in the season, because they’re as far apart as you could get. So, to get her from here to there, it’s going to be a journey. And Saru, who I think made an extraordinary captain, also began to recognize by the end of the season that he doesn’t necessarily have probably the hardest thing that a captain has to have, which is the willingness to be able to potentially sacrifice something you care for, or somebody you care for, to serve a greater good. And he doesn’t know where he is on the line yet. And that’s going to be part of what he gets to explore in Season Four. But we would never lose Doug [Jones]. Never.”

Burnham fans are curious about the fate of the Burnham-Book relationship. Kurtzman said that “there will be interesting new challenges,” in that relationship. “No good love story is really good without a lot of tests of that love,” he said. “So she’ll be going through some of that too.”

Speaking of Book, does his ability to control the spore drive change things for Stamets next season? “Stamets has carried this unique burden/gift, which is that he is the only one who can power the Discovery, and now somebody else can,” said Kurtzman. “So what does that mean? That’s another question that we will be covering.”

Finally, how do the events of the finale affect the small Federation? “At the end of season three with the Federation, Humpty Dumpty really does kind of just come back together, but they have a long way to go,” said Kurtzman. “There’s still many, many species and planets that are not members of the Federation. So it’s an amazing first step in a brighter future. But ultimately, there’s a long way still left to go. Without spoiling anything, that’s a lot of what Season Four is going be about.”

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