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Star Trek: Discovery – What To Expect Next Season

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Before getting into the nitty-gritty, if you’ve not seen Season Three including the finale, skip reading this until you do as there will be spoilers.

At the end of Season Three there were changes aboard the USS Discovery. Burnham is now in the captain’s chair, and Saru went back to Kaminar to help Su’Kal build a new life. So what does this mean for the next season?

Michelle Paradise explained to TV Insider what fans can expect next season:

Saru: “Ultimately, we’re setting him up to really have this unexpected emotional response to seeing Dr. Issa and knowing it was the Kelpiens who made it to this dilithium planet and then a real personal drive to save Su’Kal and make sure he has what he needs to be able to be happy and well in the world.”

Tension between Burnham and Stamets: “It’s a tricky thing, because ultimately, what she understands in that moment that he doesn’t is there are larger things at play. Obviously, he’s gutted at the idea he can’t go back in that specific moment to rescue Culber and Adira and Saru, but because Burnham has a bit more distance, she understands, but she also knows that the Federation is at stake, everything that means, everything they’ve built is in danger if they don’t solve the problem here and now. Ultimately he’s going to understand that she was doing what she needed to do in the moment and the thing he couldn’t do.”

Trying to help Gray be seen again: “We will absolutely follow up on that in Season Four. That storyline is incredibly important to us.”

Tilly: Having been first officer: “What does that mean to come is I’m sure a question she’ll be asking herself and we’ll be exploring in Season Four.”

Burnham/Book relationship: “It was really fun to watch those two come together and grow together and I expect we’ll be seeing more of them in Season Four. I just can’t say what we’ll be seeing.”

Will Discovery return home to the past? “I don’t expect that. All of them know going into that at the end of Season Two, this is a one-way trip. Now that they are here, we’re not looking to go back.”

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