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More Trek Novels Coming This Year

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In addition to three novels already mentioned earlier this month (Wonderlands, Living Memory, and Shadows Have Offended), TrekToday has news on more novels that will be released this year.

The novels include Star Trek: Picard – Rogue Elements by John Jackson Miller, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Revenant, and Star Trek: Coda Books 1-3.

Here is the blurb for Star Trek: Picard – Rogue Elements: “A thrilling untold adventure based on the acclaimed Star Trek: Picard TV series!

“Starfleet was everything for Cristóbal Rios—until one horrible, inexplicable day when it all went wrong. Aimless and adrift, he grasps at a chance for a future as an independent freighter captain in an area betrayed by the Federation, the border region with the former Romulan Empire. His greatest desire: to be left alone.

“But solitude isn’t in the cards for the captain of La Sirena, who falls into debt to a roving gang of hoodlums from a planet whose society is based on Prohibition-era Earth. Teamed against his will with Ledger, his conniving overseer, Rios begins an odyssey that brings him into conflict with outlaws and fortune seekers, with power brokers and relic hunters across the stars.

“Exotic loves and locales await—as well as dangers galore – and Rios learns the hard way that good crewmembers are hard to find, even when you can create your own. And while his meeting with Jean-Luc Picard is years away, Rios finds himself drawing on the Starfleet legend’s experiences when he discovers a mystery that began on one of the galaxy’s most important days…”

Author Miller had this to say about the story: “Picard viewers met Rios, whose freighter La Sirena is crewed by his multiple holographic doppelgangers, later in his career; I begin his story earlier. It’s a freewheeling odyssey into the territories made newly lawless following the Romulan disaster. Plus lots of familiar faces!

“This was my ‘lockdown novel,’ and I specifically asked both to write about Rios — and also to write a book that would be FUN, something readers could really look forward to and would enjoy. Mission accomplished! We’ll see you in August!”

You can pre-order Star Trek: Picard: Rogue Elements here.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Revenant by Alex R. White is based on Deep Space Nine. The story “prominently features fan-favorite characters Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys,” and it should be a treat for fans of both ladies.

The year will end with a trilogy – Star Trek: Coda. Book 1, written by Dayton Ward is Moments Asunder. The second book is The Ashes of Tomorrow by James Swallow. The third book is Oblivion’s Gate by David Mack. The books will be released September-November.

Ward gave more details about the trilogy via his Facebook account. “Back in July 2019 and in response to what we knew about the then-forthcoming Picard TV series, David Mack and I sat down at the Shore Leave convention for the first of what would be many conversations that quickly expanded to include James Swallow, and we got to work on a project that we’ve been calling ‘The Plan.’

“The result of all that scheming is a new #StarTrek trilogy, CODA, which will push forward the ongoing 24th century Trek novel continuity. Info is starting to feed out from the Simon & Schuster digital catalogs, including titles and pub dates and stuff, and the usual Trek news sites are running with it. Hence the pummeling of my email and messages. So, here’s what we can share now:

“Book 1: Moments Asunder by some bonehead you know (9/28)
Book 2: The Ashes of Tomorrow by James Swallow (10/12)
Book 3: Oblivion’s Gate by David Mack (11/30)

“For those interested in such things, we spent a good portion of early-mid 2020 developing the story together, down to the ‘this bit should go in that book/you take this and I’ll take that/HOLY SHITBALLS THIS HAS TO BE IN YOUR BOOK’ level. We each weighed in on the other outlines as we got those whipped into shape, and presented the entire package to our editors as well as the licensing folks at CBS. While each book is credited to its author, the plan is for all three books to carry a joint story credit the same way Dave, Kevin Dilmore, and I did for certain books within the Vanguard and Seekers series.

“As you read this, I am finalizing my manuscript to deliver early next week. Dave is in the Red Zone so far as finishing his draft of Book 3 and driving for the score, and Mr. Swallow is cranking along on Book 2 (being the respectable, in-demand writer across multiple genres and platforms that he is, he’s been way busy this past year).

“You can ask all the questions you want, but I’m not answering jack so far as plot details, hints about plot details, wish lists, hopes and dreams about what you want to see…..nuthin’. Not a damned thing.

“Stay tuned for more info as it’s appropriate (*and* authorized) to share.


Gotta love Ward.

To pre-order Star Trek: Coda: Book 1: Moments Asunder, head to the link located here.

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