May 26 2024


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New Star Trek Graphic Novels Collection Books

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This year, three new Star Trek Graphic Novels Collection books are coming. The titles include: Star Trek Manga: Boukenshin, Star Trek TOS/TNG: Convergence, and Starfleet Academy: Between Love and Hate.

In Star Trek Manga: Boukenshin (#135), “The crew of the Enterprise-D face four new challenges—all rendered in the style of Japanese mangas.

“Presenting Tokyopop‘s manga edition based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, which brought back popular Trek scribes David Gerrold and Diane Duane, along with writers Christine Boylan and F.J. DeSanto.”

In Star Trek TOS/TNG: Convergence (#136), “When aliens alter history to eliminate the Federation, the Enterprises of two generations must unite to stop them! This volume presents a quartet of special issues from DC Comics: Star Trek: The Next Generation Annuals #4–6, as well as a rare Brazilian Star Trek comic from Editora Abril.

“Originally published in Jornada Nas Estrelas #5, this story was adapted from the classic TV episode The Return of the Archons.”

Finally, Starfleet Academy: Between Love and Hate (#137) has the following story: “Omega Squad comes face to face with the First Cadre and an insane Klingon cadet, in the final issues of Marvel‘s Starfleet Academy series—plus, as a bonus, Cooper’s notes for the unseen chapters.

“Meanwhile, Telepathy War concludes Marvel‘s franchise-wide crossover, and Mirror Mirror, from Tom DeFalco, Mark Bagley, and Larry Mahlstedt, returns readers to the mirror universe.”

The books will each cost $19.95.

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