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Women Of Star Trek Earrings

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Three new sets of earrings from RockLove Jewelry will be of interest to Trek fans. The earrings will go on sale April 27.

The earrings include Star Trek X RockLove Uhura Spiral Earrings, Star Trek X RockLove Guinan Turquoise Earrings, and Star Trek X RockLove Kira Nerys Bajoran Cuff Earring.

Here is the description for the Uhura earrings, which will cost $135.00. “Honoring Star Trek‘s iconic Communications Officer, Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, these spiral earrings are handcrafted in sterling silver and plated in luminous yellow gold. The symmetrical coils hang from secure lever-back ear wires, just like those worn on-screen by actress Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek: The Original Series.”

The Guinan Turquoise Earrings are made of “Handcrafted brass plated in silver and yellow gold [and] these dangling earrings feature a domed stud and hammered disk with chime-like strands featuring nuggets of genuine turquoise that shift and sway.

The earrings, which will cost $135.00, are “An homage to the earrings worn on-screen for Guinan’s final appearance, played by actress Whoopi Goldberg, in the Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 6, Episode 22 Suspicions. This playful and unique design reflects the offbeat, timeless advice embodied by Guinan’s sage and enigmatic character.”

The Kira Nerys Bajoran Cuff Earring will cost $60.00. The earring is “Accurate to the earring worn on-screen by actress Nana Visitor who played Kira Nerys on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, the Bajoran earring is a symbol of one’s faith – to family, to culture, to freedom. Featuring a single hole piercing, the stud connects with a chain to an accompanying cuff that gently attaches higher up the ear lobe.”

“Every Star Trek X RockLove piece arrives in a signature Star Trek X RockLove Jewelry Box, black and silver metallic with vibrant blue galaxy print inside.”

To find out more, head to the link located here.

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