February 27 2024


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The Official Starships Collection Ships For Summer

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Several ships will be released this summer from Hero Collector. The ships include the USS Armstrong, an XL-sized USS Equinox, a Romulan Snakehead ship, and the USS Edison.

First seen in Star Trek (2009), the USS Armstrong was “among the many Federation ships lured to Vulcan by the time-travelling Romulan Nero in the film. Armed with future technology, Nero destroyed not only the planet Vulcan, but the entire Starfleet task force – the Armstrong included.”

The USS Armstrong comes with a display stand and a magazine.

Next up is the USS Equinox, Captain Ransom’s ship as seen in Star Trek: Voyager. Here is the description of the ship: “A Nova-class starship stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the U.S.S. Equinox was in many ways a dark mirror to the U.S.S. Voyager. Where Janeway and her crew upheld the principles of Starfleet throughout their long journey home, the Equinox‘s traumatized crew resorted to darker measures… This hand-painted XL model captures the Equinox in precise detail, just as it appeared in Star Trek: Voyager.”

Expect to see this ship and the following ships in August.

For fans of the Romulans, the Romulan Snakehead will also been released. Here is a description of that ship: “A nimble, warp-capable Romulan scout vessel, the Snakehead‘s small size belied its formidable armaments and cloaking capabilities. The Romulan spy Narek flew this particular starship in pursuit of Picard and his comrades aboard the La Sirena, as they fled The Artifact in search of Coppelius.”

Finally, the USS Edison will also make its debut in August. It is “An updated vessel available to Starfleet players in Star Trek Online. The Edison-class Temporal Warship echoed the design of the U.S.S. Edison, destroyed by Klingons in the Battle of the Binary Stars one-hundred-and-fifty years ago. Equipped with cutting edge temporal instruments, the Edison’s specialist scientific officers could manipulate temporal mechanics to cause subtle fluctuations in causality itself.”

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