May 29 2024


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September Official Starships Collection Releases

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In September, as reported by TrekCore, two Trek ships will be released by Hero Collector, including one from Star Trek: Picard, and one from Star Trek Online.

First up is the Wallenberg-class Tug. Here is a description of the ship: “A larger variety of spacefaring tug, the Wallenberg class saw use by the Federation in the late 24th century, as a ‘warp-capable ferry’. Most notably, the Wallenberg formed a key part of the rescue armada that the Federation intended to evacuate the planet Romulus. Tragically, the fleet was destroyed at dock by a synth rebellion, leaving much of the Romulan population stranded on their doomed world.

“Appropriately enough, given its intended mission, this class of vessel was named for the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg – whose efforts saved thousands of Jewish people from the Holocaust.”

The Wallenberg-class tug is almost eight-and-a-half inches long. It will cost $54.95/€49.99/£39.99.

The second ship is the Recluse-Class Tholian Carrier. “A reverse-engineered vessel available to Starfleet players in Star Trek Online, the Recluse-class Tholian Carrier was derived from technology and ships seized in clashes with the Tholian Assembly. Xenophobic in the extreme, this Alpha Quadrant polity refuses any attempt to study its technology – making captured starships a rare and valuable prize.

“As the Tholians’ natural environment is hostile to most humanoid life, a great deal of retrofitting and re-engineering has gone into simply allowing a crew to board the Recluse-class without needing protective environmental suits. The Recluse’s combat capabilities proved worth the effort, however.

The Tholian Carrier is four-and-a-half inches long, and will sell for $29.95/€24.99/£19.99.

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