May 25 2024


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Tiptons Talk Deep Space Nine Comic

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The first Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic will debut this December.

More details are emerging about the new Deep Space Nine comic courtesy of Scott and David Tipton, such as in which time frame the stories will be set and which characters who will be appearing in the new series .

The new Deep Space Nine stories will be set in familiar territory. “Our mandate from the ‘Powers That Be’ was to tell a classic Deep Space Nine story to reintroduce the series to comics readers,” explained Scott Tipton. “Setting it after the series ended didn’t make a lot of sense, since half the cast would by definition be taken off the table immediately. Our story is set between seasons three and four, before Worf’s arrival to the station and before things start to heat up with the Dominion War. It’s kind of the last point where there’s breathing space before the series got really serialized in its final four seasons.”

The full Deep Space Nine cast will be on board for the story, according to Tipton. “As the face of law and order on the station, Kira and Odo are definitely front and center in terms of trying to keep the situation under control and get to the bottom of the mystery,” said Tipton. “But we’ll be seeing everyone else as well. Sisko plays a big part, as do Chief O’Brien and Jake, and to a lesser degree Jadzia Dax and Dr. Bashir. And of course, it wouldn’t be Deep Space Nine without Quark! We wouldn’t even be surprised to see Cardassian types like Gul Dukat or Garak making an appearance, as it happens…”

The Tiptons are hoping to capture the essence of Deep Space Nine. “We were looking to really focus on what was special about the series, which to us was its frontier nature,” said David Tipton. “Unlike the other Trek series, which were all about exploration, Deep Space Nine was about just the opposite: about staying in one place, making a commitment, and finding a way to make it work, in the face of adversity. And alongside people that you might not necessarily have chosen to work and live with in an ideal situation. With that in mind, we knew our story needed to be focused on the station itself in some way. So, when the station is overrun by mysterious soldiers of fortune from across the galaxy, it creates a powder keg on DS9 with a very short fuse.”

“It’s the larger mystery that needs to be solved: why are they all on the station,” said David Tipton. “What brought them here, and might there be a hidden, larger purpose?”

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