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Two New Star Trek Books

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Fans of Deep Space Nine as well as those who want to know more about Lieutenant Saavik will be interested in two new Trek books, one of which is due out next week, the other to follow in 2011.

Star Trek: Unspoken Truth, written by Margaret Wander Bonanno and due out at the end of the month, tells the story of Lieutenant Saavik, left behind on Vulcan while the crew of the Enterprise is forced to return to Earth to be court-martialed for stealing the Enterprise and destroying it while on a mission to retrieve Spock’s body and katra.

Two men from Saavik’s past confront her; one who is also a survivor of Hellguard who informs Saavik that those who survived their harsh upbringing on Hellguard are now being killed one-by-one, and a Romulan who claims to be Saavik’s father who claims that the Vulcans are behind the murders.

The first chapter of Unspoken Truth can be read by heading to the link located here.

The second book, announced on Christopher L. Bennett’s website, has a working title of Star Trek: DTI (Department of Temporal Investigations.) The DTI was introduced in the Deep Space Nine Trials and Tribble-ations episode, when agents Lucsly and Dulmar paid Captain Sisko a visit after Sisko and crew’s visit to the past.

“I’m able to announce my new Star Trek project now, and it’s my most offbeat one yet,” said Bennett. “The working title is Star Trek: DTI, with a more specific title to be settled on later.

“Now it falls to me to tell the first novel-length story of the DTI, starring Lucsly and Dulmur along with their colleagues in the department, mostly original characters but maybe one or two familiar faces as well. Though the working title suggests a resemblance to Star Trek: SCE/Corps of Engineers, this book might be better compared to Articles of the Federation, Keith R. A. DeCandido‘s chronicle of a year in the life of the Federation president and her staff. But if AotF was The West Wing in the 24th century, DTI might be more like an FBI procedural show.

“In any case, don’t expect the conventional, done-to-death kind of time travel story where the heroes go back into the past and try to prevent or reverse a change in history. ST:DTI will have its own distinctive approach to time travel, its mechanics, and its consequences, and will explore numerous facets of the Department’s responsibilities.”

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