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Propworx Trek Auction Take Two

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Fans looking for Star Trek memorabilia from the shows and from Star Trek: The Experience can participate either online or in person at the Propworx Star Trek auction to be held August 8, 2010 at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

The auction, sanctioned by CBS, features items from Star Trek: The Experience as well as items from the collections of Doug Drexler, Michael and Denise Okuda, Rick Sternbach and Marc Zircee.

Four hundred-and-fifty separate lots will be offered, including items such as props, furniture, artwork, models and costumes.

For instance, a piece sure to attract attention is lot 173, a recreation of the Captain’s chair from the original series, which was used as a “stand-in for the shots that took place on the bridge of the Enterprise” as well as during Paramount exhibitions. Lot 173 is estimated to sell for between $10,000 and $20,000.

For those who don’t have quite as much money in the wallet, lot 96 offers an Enterprise-D Observation Lounge chair. The chair was used in Picard’s Ready Room and the Observation Lounge. It is “believed to be the only remaining chair with the original upholstery as used throughout the filming of Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The chair comes from the collection of the Okudas and is expected to bring in $600-$800.

An interesting prop can be seen in lot 91, Hikaru Sulu’s original series-style targeting monitor. Created for use in The Next Generation: Relics, it was not, however, used in the scene. The targeting monitor comes from the collection of Doug Drexler and should sell for approximately $400-$600.

There are quite a few items of interest for Deep Space Nine fans. Lot 161 features a “study model” of Quark’s Bar. From Doug Drexler’s collection, the Quark’s Bar study model is estimated to sell for between $600-$800.

Another fun set of items for ‘Niners can be found in lot 122, again from Drexler’s collection. A baseball patch and cap created as backups for ones used in Take Me Out to the Holosuite are available in this lot and should sell for between $100-$200.

Ferengi fans can enjoy their own bar of gold pressed latinum, available in lot 113, and expected to fetch $100-$200 (Surely Quark would approve!) The bar in question “represents the second largest denomination” and comes from the collection of the Okudas.

Star Trek: Voyager fans are not left out. From Star Trek: The Experience comes lot 294, a Borg Queen costume. It should sell for approximately $1000-$2000. Or how about a U.S.S. Voyager dedication plaque (lot 202), from the collection of Doug Drexler. This plaque was seen aboard the U.S.S. Voyager Bridge in “numerous” episodes. It can be yours if you can pony up between $4000-$6000.

To see all of the Star Trek lots, head to the link located here.

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