July 16 2024


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Rocket World Adds Trek IWG Vinyl Animals

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Trek fans looking for a unique collectible should head to Rocket World, where a trio of IWG Trek figures has been released.

The three figures – Captain Titus, Commander Affonso and Lt. Commander Hannibal, are based on Kirk, Spock and Scotty.

The Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG) are “a feisty and rebellious underground group of self-aware animals who were given sentience by a group of mysterious alien beings. The I.W.G. have organized and taken up arms to fight against any humans that have killed, exploited their kind and/or polluted their habitats. As the I.W.G. adapt to their new-found intelligence, they often struggle with the same temptations and failings of their enemies. The I.W.G. are cute yet decidedly deadly, and their narrative can be described as Che meets Animal Farm with a dash of pulp science fiction thrown in for good measure.”

This release has a limited edition of three hundred pieces for character with each character being individually boxed and serial numbered. The officially licensed collectibles sell for $50.00 each.

Each vinyl and PVC figure 7″ tall character comes with a Federation Starfleet uniform  shirt and insignia, Type II phaser, communicator, tricorder and mini plush Tribble.

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