July 16 2024


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Star Trek Online Season Four To Debut

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A new episode of Star Trek Online will be released on Saturday, titled The 2800.

In The 2800, “the powers of the Alpha Quadrant gather at Deep Space Nine to plan a defense against the Borg when an unexpected guest arrives.”

That guest turns out to be the Jem’Hadar, the Dominion fleet of genetically engineered “super-soldiers.”

The next four episodes of the fourth season will then be released, on the next four Saturdays after the release of The 2800. The titles for those episodes are: Of Bajor, Operation Gamma, Facility 4028, and Boldly They Rode.

A preview video for The 2800 can be seen here.

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  1. Sure. I remember when it was also about giant spacefaring jellyfish that disguised themselves as trading outposts.

  2. Revisiting the show content an awful lot, aren’t they? Free to do virtually anything, to bring people new science fiction in this new format, and they are rehashing. Strange.

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