May 19 2024


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Jean-Luc Picard Action Figure

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A new Star Trek Select action figure featuring Captain Picard will be released next month.

The Star Trek Select Captain Picard Figure is the third in the Star Trek Select series; the first two featured Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

Seven inches high, the Picard figure strikes “an attack pose atop a detailed Borg battle scene detail base.”

Sculpted by Patrick Pigott, the figure features “upper-body articulation as well as an exacting sculpt and paint.”

The Star Trek Select Captain Picard Figure is now in pre-order for a January 8th release. The figure will cost $24.99 and can be pre-ordered here.

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8 thoughts on “Jean-Luc Picard Action Figure

  1. This does not at all depict how I remember Picard. Nice touch with the dismembered Borg corpse, though. Really.

  2. Exactly. Picard is a diplomat. A Thinker. a cultured, cool-headed voice of reason. This isn’t Picard.

  3. What are you guys going on about? I clearly remember the episode where Picard ripped a Borg apart at the limbs and then taunted the rest of the collective with his measly hand phaser.

  4. You’re thinking of the post-’94 movie version of Picard, who underwent a curious transformation into John McClane. THAT version of Picard, I could definitely see in a pose like this.

  5. I just heard Patrick’s voice in my head saying “Yippie ki ay, motherfucker!”
    So, thank you.

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