May 23 2024


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Ortiz December Trek Prints

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Four new Juan Ortiz original series art prints have debuted this month.

The art is based on the original series episodes Errand of Mercy, The Changeling, Return to Tomorrow, and The Deadly Years.

Ortiz spoke about the motivation for this month’s posters, beginning with Errand of Mercy, where the dagger in the poster was originally a sword. Why did Ortiz change it to a dagger? “…as most fans know, that is the symbol for the Federation in the Mirror Universe. So the challenge was to make it Klingon.”

For The Deadly Years, death was the theme for the poster. Death was “looming over the Enterprise as Kirk and some of his crew rapidly aged,” said Ortiz.

Which poster was Ortiz’s favorite this month? “The Changeling,” said Ortiz. “I like the starkness and how gradient dots contrast the straight lines and angles.”

The posters are sold as a set of four for $34.95, and can be ordered here.

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  1. The D7 only reappeared in the Remastered “Errand of Mercy,” so I have mixed feelings about his choice to make it a central image in that poster.

    The death imagery in “The Deadly Years” poster, however, is very effective.

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