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What Pine Wants For Star Trek III

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In a recent interview, Chris Pine, who is currently promoting Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, spoke briefly about the next Star Trek movie.

“If you were to sit down with the writers of Star Trek III and request any scene or moment for Kirk,” he was asked, “what would that be?”

“Well, for anybody who’s seen the second one,” said Pine, “given the fact that Kirk’s been revived by Khan’s blood, I think there’s definitely room for Kirk to go dark, which we’ve obviously seen in the original series, and that would be fun, I think.”

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60 thoughts on “What Pine Wants For Star Trek III

  1. “do these thirty-somethings look like anybody from 90210 to you?”

    Um… yeah.
    They look that way, they talk that way, they behave that way.

    But I suppose, being an (inferior) alternate universe, it’s possible that in such a universe a Federation flag ship is and can be run by kids and commanded by a spoiled brat.

    By the way, I think Chris Pine was a terrible choice for Kirk. There’s no doubt in my mind that there would have been other much better suited actors for that role, actors who radiate authority, confidence, respect. Pine has none of that. Shatner, also young at that time, had those qualities.

  2. Oh, HUGE success! Sequels that cost more, pull in fewer ticket-buyers than the originals, have no merchandising to speak of, and are overwhelmingly reviled in fan circles are always what studios shoot for in big franchises. It was Paramount’s plan all along.

    Tri-dimensional chess, baby! 😀

  3. Agreed. The more I’ve thought about the new movies and having having seen each of them more than once, the more I feel like they just aren’t the Trek I love. They just aren’t Star Trek and I don’t expect them to be able to capture that feel any time soon. It’s time to go back to the prime universe and resume what worked.

  4. Millions of ticket buyers also paid to see the Transformers movies and Avatar. What more needs to be said?

  5. 1) How exactly is someone who gets promoted directly from fourth year at Starfleet Academy to starship captain, then demoted from starship captain after apparently one whole mission, for serious misconduct, to be sent back to the Academy that he never actually graduated from in the first place, and is then re-promoted to captain again, after being removed from the crew solely because the man who was going to take command of the ship gets killed, “more realistic”?
    2) The lessons he had to learn again in STiD were the exact same lessons he had learned in 2009 Trek and apparently forgot in the what, few months or so between the films. I might concede that this could be considered realistic if he’d had some kind of traumatic head injury during that time.
    3) I think Pine makes a great Kirk. He certainly did in 2009.
    4) You constantly attempt to misrepresent legitimate criticism of this last film into some idiotic fan rage, which says to me that cannot refute my positions with facts and so are feebly attempting to provoke some emotional response.
    5) I’m going to repeat some things I’ve said before, which is that I like the 2009 film, I’m glad that Trek has been revitalized for a new generation, that the 2009 film was overall a very successful relaunch of the franchise, and that with only a couple of exceptions I really like this new crew.
    6) Finally I’m also going to repeat what I’ve been saying about STiD, which is that they pissed in the soup and spoiled it. I’m concerned now that they don’t really know what was successful in 2009 and so just did the things that made the most money for other franchise sequels. Taking a good reboot and turning it into a flaccid, hollow turkey that people forget as soon as they leave the theater is not a good thing for any franchise, and it’s not something I enjoy seeing happen to Star Trek. If the bulk of the creative team is leaving for greener pastures, I say best of luck, don’t let the door hit you. Let’s see what a new director and new writers can bring to the table.

  6. That they aren’t all full of shit and aren’t obnoxious Trekfans like you? That could be it.

    As somebody wise once said at the Trek Today BBS during a discussion, the franchise isn’t maintained by Paramount & CBS as a charity for nerds; it has to make money and be successful, and that’s exactly what it’s doing. That it’s not pleasing you and the other deluded fools here isn’t a tragedy; the tragedy is that you wish to be deluded and miss out on two very good Star Trek movies. Sad, but I guess that deluded fools have to suffer.

  7. But you are sheep-sheep stuck in the past and mesmerized by bullshit about Gene Roddenberry’s ‘vision’ and the other bullshit spewed by him after years of fans fawning him at conventions-just like a religious foundamentalist (a person stuck at the founding moment of something who’s dogmatically connected to it all of the time.) As was said (or implied) though the fiction of Zefram Cochrane in Star Trek First Contact, Roddenberry’s vision was ‘dollar signs-money!’ That was Gene Roddenberry-that was his vision (and why he set up Lincoln Enterprises and also merchandised the IDIC symbol Spock wears as a part of his formal dress.) Roddenberry even altered a bit of the continuity once during the production of the first season of Star Trek TNG because he felt like it, and even said, ‘It’s my universe, let me alter it as needed..’ Warp moves at speed of plot, transporters work when writers need them to and not because of something in a tech manual, and NOTHING IS REALLY ETCHED IN STONE.

    So stop being so nasty at Abrams, Orci & Kurtzman for altering the universe in the movies-they only followed what Roddenberry and others have done before since they weren’t that consistent anyway. Either realize that Star Trek was an action-adventure franchise from the original series onward, or go and watch some other movies and SFTU already with all of the constant complaining. You hate the movies, you hate the movies-we get it. Just get lost.

    What was said in that satirical video by the Onion was right on the money years after it was made in 2009.

  8. you know, of course they are not the original crew, but what this star trek has done is make star trek relevant again to the masses, which in the end I guarantee you there is someone out there watching these new ones and saying wow I want to do that and contribute to society in some manner that helps society move towards the exploration of space. This isn’t the 1960’s anymore, not the 80’s not the 90’s, the culture now needs something explosive in front of them to trigger there imaginations. Nothing can ever beat the original series in my mind, but these past few star treks are doing a fantastic job in creating hype for what had become a stale series. Star trek is fun again and cool and that will inspire many! The concept that they embarked on is a true star trek concept, of alternate realities. . . enjoy it.

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