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Pegg Co-writing Star Trek 3

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In addition to taking on the role of Scotty in Star Trek 3, Simon Pegg will also have a hand in shaping the script for the sequel.

Pegg will be co-writing along with Doug Jung, creator of TNT’s Dark Blue series.

Pegg is not unfamiliar with writing, having written for other movies such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End and Paul.

Jung has written for Bad Robot and Paramount before, which is how he came to their attention.

Thanks to Dayton W. for the tip!

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54 thoughts on “Pegg Co-writing Star Trek 3

  1. Pegg has an “eff you” attitude to the public? Where do you come up with this nonsense? You obviously know nothing about him.

  2. Actually, maybe we’ve all been punked! Isn’t Pegg writing TED 3, not STAR TREK 3? That would be much more his style!

  3. Have you been reading this and/or other top ST news sites? Both Pegg and Orci have told the “haters” (i.e., anyone who disagrees with or dislikes their work) to “eff you” and/or “eff off!” It’s a fact; do the research.
    Cheers and LLAP! 🙂

  4. One of the fundamental problems this current generation of Trek-makers have is that since Trek is partially about some kind of exploration Navy in space, it helps if you know what is plausible to happen in some kind of exploration Navy in space. For better or for worse, Trek has got to seem like its stories would be plausible if the technology was instantly available–that the social milieu is plausible for a professional organization that has been around and as successful as, say, the Royal Navy. It should not be “college kids in space”.
    The more Trek becomes a comic-book and not Horatio Hornblower or Wagon Train to the Stars, the more it loses potential. It will make money, of course–but whether it will be able to do so fifty years from now is an entirely different issue. On this current vector, the answer is, in my opinion–no. It is living off of previously invested capital, no doing any sowing itself.
    There is a law of the Navy that goes as follows: “for the strength of the ship is the service, and the strength of the service, the ship.” Star Trek is about three things–the crew, the human condition, and Starfleet/the Federation exploring the cosmos. An optimistic future prevailing. It is not about specifically about laser beams in space. Not per se, at any rate (TWOK is the best one, though). It is certainly not about the college frat road trip weekend adventure. It is about folks who should not be lucking their way to victory, or “deus ex machinae” things being thrown in last minute,but folks who think it through.
    The challenge is not to make a movie that makes money like GOTG. The challenge is to do so while remaining Trek.

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