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Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission

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A new video documentary explores Gene Roddenberry‘s Star Trek vision.

Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission is centered on one of the fan films currently in production, Star Trek Continues.

“In the wake of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Star Trek, is Gene Roddenberry’s original vision still alive?”

Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission seeks to answer that question, exploring today’s world of fan-produced Star Trek.

In the video seen below, those affiliated with the fan film explain what drew them to Star Trek and why it continues to appeal to fans today. The documentary features clips from the original series, as well as vintage comments from Roddenberry where he explained how and why he created Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission includes commentary from Roddenberry, Vic Mignogna (Kirk), Todd Haberkorn (Spock), Larry Nemecek, James Kerwin (director), Chuck Huber (McCoy), and more.

Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission from Chris Tevebaugh on Vimeo.

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10 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission

  1. “In the wake of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Star Trek, is Gene Roddenberry’s original vision still alive?”

    Is that fact that what ‘vision’ Roddenberry had was created after the fact at conventions in the 1970’s and that was bolstered by fans worshiping him?

  2. It could just be his “vision” of producing intelligent science fiction teleplays for an adult audience that attempted to make larger points about the real world around him. (Not that anyone working at Bad Robot would understand anything about that.)

  3. Well, if his vision is “Interchangeable plots to make Avenger fan-boys swoon”, then I would say it is!

    Every once in a while, I put my re-engineered Blue-Ray DVD’s of the original series and just savor each for what they are.

  4. I’m getting a “password required” field in the video box for a site called “Vimeo”. Probably why none of the links are working. Someone apparently forgot that YouTube exists.

  5. It was working yesterday. I always test stuff like this before and when the article goes live. Strange.

  6. I tend to agree that Gene started to develop a better sense of what a cash cow Trek was in the 1970’s in part, however just seeing only that is a bit jaded. Regardless if he really meant it or if it was just being sold to fans, there was a worthwhile “vision” of what the future could be for humanity in the original Star Trek plot that for better or for worse continued into most of the franchise TOS created.

  7. It’s kind of sad that I’m more excited about documentaries about Star Trek more than new “official” productions from the studio. *sigh*

  8. I’m sorry, but bogus delusional behavior is still bogus delusional behavior, and Roddenberry and whomever encouraged it need to be taken into account for it, especially for making a TV show into a religion and making up this ‘vision’ bullshit years after the fact.

  9. The “vision” is present in TOS but it’s not the driving force. It became that later when Roddenberry was asserting his control during the early days of TNG. You can see the roots in statements like “Starfleet is not a military organization” that Roddenberry made after Nick Meyer put his stamp on Trek, with the help of Harve Bennett. TNG simply ramped it into overdrive and Rick Berman did his best to maintain it.

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