June 22 2024


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Trek Fan Builds Unique USS Enterprise

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A Star Trek fan has almost finished building a rather colorful eighteen foot long model of the USS Enterprise.

The large model, which dominates his one-bedroom apartment is made of cardboard and plastic.

Bob Elson, a retired hospital administrator, has been building USS Enterprise models since his childhood days. “When he was very young and [Star Trek] hadn’t been on for very long, we both fell in love with the Enterprise and the story,” said his mother, Margaret Elson. “He made models of the Enterprise out of thin cardboard, and people really liked them. He took them to a school fair and what have you, and people just slopped them up.”

Those models sold for a dime each back in the day, but Elson hopes to sell his latest one for much more, or else donate it to a museum.

“It’s an obsession almost,” said Elson. “I just like the design of it. It’s a milestone. I’ll be finished — and I can say I did it, and I didn’t give up.”

The model is made from cardboard tubes, planter holders, tiny Army men, plastic guns, Popsicle sticks, Ping-Pong balls and disposable razor covers. It weights one-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds.

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7 thoughts on “Trek Fan Builds Unique USS Enterprise

  1. I can sorta make out the general shape of the Enterprise in that whole mess. If I squint hard enough.

  2. Excuse me, but did somebody pay money for this “article” to appear on Trek Today? This is not even funny, this is nothing more than a sad story that someone spends his time doing THIS. How old is this “retired” administrator that his mother speaks to the press? Or does he even know that she did that. Makes me think of Cliff Clavin, but in a sad way. He should spend his spare time working at the hospital for free and do something good.

  3. Please find attached my skillful drawing of the Enterprise.
    It took me 18 months of research to create this:


    The likeness is stunning, innit?

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